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RebateMate is a revolutionary power tool designed to cut rebates along the edges of plasterboard, multi-board and cement sheeting in preparation for joining. The rebated edge created by RebateMate results is a stronger, seemless join in both ceiling and wall applications.
RebateMate attaches to most commercial vacuums to create a safe dust free environment. It is portable, simple to use and delivers substantial cost and time savings, while producing excellent results every time. This unique tool eliminates weakness in the join, glancing light, peaking, cracking, visible joins and wastage.


Benefits of RebateMate

  • Creates perfect seamless joins
  • Enables more plaster to be applied to join
  • Strengthens the butt joint area
  • Eliminates peaking and cracking where the plasterboard sheets meet
  • Very minimal glancing light
  • Cost and time savings
  • Maintenance and rework savings
  • Minimal product wastage (enables the use of off cuts that would normally be discarded)
  • Health and Safety Benefits

It's safe. It's fast. It works.

  • Ready to use out of the box
  • Light weight
  • Easy to use
  • One blade for all applications
  • Dust free with vacuum attachment
  • In built safety switch
  • Safety tested and certified

Occupational health and safety

One of the major concerns in the plaster industry, is back injuries caused by the weight and size of the plasterboard sheets.
This is a problem for the installers, even though there have been improved methods of installing.
The RebateMate allows for the use of smaller or cut down sheets to be used without compromising the quality of the finished job. This reduces the potential of back injuries by creating sheets that are smaller, lighter and easier to manoeuvre. The RebateMate is also environmentally friendly, and can reduce the potential of respiratory problems as it is dust free.
The specialised head attachment, fitted to a symmetrical cutting wheel can be fitted to most commercial vacuum systems creating a dust free environment.
The cutting blade is the only part that requires maintenance, by changing over when required.



How to use RebateMate

  1. Secure material (plaster board or cement sheeting) on a flat, even surface.
  2. Attach vacuum pipe (not supplied) to exhaust cover. When operating the RebateMate power tool, a vacuum system must be used for personal health and safety.
  3. Rest the edge of flat guide plate on edge of material.
  4. Holding the grip handle with one hand, turn on the tool using the power switch with the opposite hand.
  5. Push the tool fully into the material allowing blade to enter BENEATH protective paper of the material.
  6. Guide the tool along the length of the material to create a rebate.
  7. Apply RebateMate™ spray adhesive (sold separately) to exposed material BENEATH protective paper of the rebate.
    CAUTION: Use ONLY RebateMate™ approved adhesive as it is specially formulated for these materials. Non approved adhesive will produce adverse results.
  8. Once adhesive has been applied, use plastic finishing tool to re-apply protective paper to material.

RebateMate handy hints


  • While rebating ensure the paper has a good coverage of plaster on the underside.
  • When working in hot temperatures or high humidity it may be necessary to brush water over the dry plaster before applying the adhesive. This process stops the adhesive from drying too quickly before pressing paper back down.
  • Ensure the plasterboard remains secured to a flat, even surface while pressing the paper back down. After completion sheets can be hung immediately. Leave the newly rebated edge to dry for two hours before fastening through it.

Fibre cement sheeting

  • When rebating fibre cement based products, place the RebateMate tool on top of the sheet and enter from either side of the sheet commencing the rebate. Glide across the sheet being mindful not to press down too hard on the first pass - this process will take off the first layer. Complete a second pass by repeating the process, apply a little extra pressure to achieve the required rebate depth.
  • (NOTE When the diamond cutting blade becomes worn, it must be replaced, otherwise it will place unnecessary pressure on the power tool and it will effect the overall performance in obtaining your desired rebate.)
  • Do not press down, or use undue pressure trying to force the blade to (cut) rebate, when the diamonds are worn down, the diamond blade must be replaced. Failure to do so can place the motor under stress and will not be covered by our guarantee.



What surfaces can RebateMate power tool be used on?

The RebateMate can be used on plasterboard, multi board and fibre cement sheeting.

Do I need to have a different blade for each surface?

No - the one blade is specially designed to rebate all surfaces.

Why should I use RebateMate power tool?

It will save time and is very cost efficient giving you a straight join, therefore quality workmanship.

How many rebates can be rebated from one blade?

Approx. 900 lineal metres using plasterboard and approx. 120 lineal metres using fibre cement sheeting. This is a guide only.

How long does it take to do a rebate?

About one minute to complete the process, rebate and glue paper to form rebate edge using plasterboard; using fibre cement sheeting, the process takes about 30 seconds, as there is no adhesive required.

What happens if you tear the paper?

This does not affect rebate. Glue down as normal with finishing tool. However, you must deliberately tear the paper off as it will greatly affect the strength and quality to the join.

What type of glue is used?

Our Spray Adhesive is a specially formulated glue that has been developed for the RebateMate.

How long before a rebated sheet can be hung?

Spray Adhesive sheets can be hung immediately.

Does the rebate affect the strength or quality of board?

No, it does not affect the quality at all. Once dry, the board is just as strong.

How easily can I trowel the rebate?

A RebateMate joint can be finished like a normal rebate join i.e.: trowel or flat boxes.

How does using the rebate tool affect the environment?

When used with vacuum system, the process is virtually dust free.


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